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Investment News -
January 24, 2017

Financial advisers looking to figure out what their businesses are worth today now have automated tools they can enlist for help.

3XEquity, which costs about $399 a year, allows advisers to adjust the tool's value assumptions so the firm can see the impact.

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Press Release -
November 8, 2016

3xEquity announces that they have partnered with Live Oak Bank to offer customers of both companies exciting new services. Through this strategic partnership, 3xEquity is now an approved financial practice valuation provider for Live Oak Bank.

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Press Release -
August 25, 2016

3xEquity, the premier online resource for financial valuation services & transition opportunities in the financial advising industry, is proud to announce that it has successfully completed the certification process with the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) to earn the Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) designation.

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Financial Planning Magazine -
November 23, 2015

3xEquity bills itself as an "online resource" for advisors. Earlier in November, it launched a new subscription service to match buyers and sellers, determine valuation, compare industry benchmarks and provide access to financing.

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Press Release -
November 11, 2015

3xEquity, the premier online resource for financial advisors' growth and transition opportunities, introduces a new subscription service on its website 3xequity.com. The subscription service offers a suite of solutions that help advisors plan the future of their practice by:

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425 Business Magazine -
August 20, 2015

Nailing down the valuation of a company is part science, part magic. Similar to the real estate market, there are certain known values, such as assets and staff, but there is more that is unknown.

When it comes to financial services companies, such as financial advisers and brokers, the valuation of a firm is a bit more cut and dried. It is based on the agent’s “book” — the list of clients and assets the agent manages.

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Financial Advisor Magazine -
July 1, 2015

Many times, industry experts say, advisors who are looking to buy or sell a practice are frustrated by their inability to ascertain their business’s true value. In response 3xEquity has developed an online tool to help both independent advisors and broker-dealer representatives assess whether the time—and price—is right to sell.

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Strategic Partner Video -
January 24, 2014

SRG and David Grau Jr. have collaborated with 3xEquity to develop a new simple online valuation estimate tool for advisors. This interactive resource shows users some of the key value drivers and detractors. Watch the video to learn more about valuing a financial services business.

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Press Release -
December 11, 2013

3xEquity, a financial service valuation firm for the independent financial advisor looking to see how much his or her book of business is worth, has announced its launch. Through its sleek, easy-to-use website, 3xEquity offers real-time data for financial advisors who are possibly looking to sell their business, or establish partnerships and grow.

Additionally, 3xEquity is positioned to purchase or partner with other practices. It can also bring an outside buyer and seller together and, in some cases, provide private financing for the potential acquisition.

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Financial Planning Magazine -
November 2013 Issue

Did you see our ad in the November issue of Financial Planning magazine? We have a very limited time promotion code (“Early Adopter”) as part of our beta. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to get a custom Benchmark Report for investment advisor professionals.

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